Movie and Pizza Night at the Cabin!

One thing we always make time for while we’re in Gatlinburg is a movie and pizza night. This works especially well when you’re lucky enough to be in a cabin with a movie room! We love those! We assign one person to pick a family-friendly movie, and every one brings a favorite pizza topping. Someone […]

3 Best Appetizers in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I think getting an appetizer is the best part of eating out! The research involved in this one was lots of fun! We sampled all kinds of goodies and came up with these as our top three favorite appetizers in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge: Loaded Homemade Potato Chips […]

The Perilous Story of Rock Hoppin’ in the Smokies


Here’s one of my family’s personal Gatlinburg stories: We’d spent the last week on a houseboat with my extended family. It was great, but we had to give the boat back on Friday and the four of us weren’t ready to head home yet. So, our car headed to the place it always heads when […]

5 Tips for Watching Wildlife

Now, I know for some of us, once we’re settled in a nice cabin in the mountains, we’re tempted to stay there and spend our days sitting in the hot tub and playing pool. However, the Smoky Mountains are so close! If nothing else, try to see some wildlife while you’re in the Gatlinburg area. […]

Zorb Pigeon Forge? What is it?


Okay, so I know you’re not going to believe me about this — that’s why I made my husband take the video. As proof! That this crazy attraction actually exists in Pigeon Forge! (And just as a disclaimer — this video was taken off my husband’s iPhone from way up on top of the hill, […]

Peak Season for Flame Azalea in the Smoky Mountains

Now, for another peak season. If you plan now, you can see the beautiful Flame Azalea in the Smokies this year. Flame Azalea is a wild shrub that blooms at most elevations in April and May. On higher elevations, it can be found in June and July. Book a cabin, plan a trip and you […]

Peak Wildflowers in the Smoky Mountains

Start planning now so you don’t miss peak wildflower season in the Smoky Mountains. Spring wildflowers are best in mid-to-late April, but a few can be seen in late March and early April. (That’s, like, next week. Spring is really coming!!!) This information is taken from The Great Smoky Mountains National Park Trip Planner. For […]

The Great Smokies: Our Outdoor Playground

This blog was written by my friend Morgan Zoeller, who lives in Fishers, Ind. She grew up in a big family — four kids! And they are still rowdy when they get together! Like the Beutlers, my family grew up vacationing in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge. At home, my parents never let us stay in the house […]

Smoky Mountain Summer Camps

This seems like a neat opportunity. I don’t have any first-hand knowledge, but I ran across this and thought it could be really useful. My kids would love it, that’s for sure! The Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont offers a Discovery Camp for kids ages 9-12 that lasts for six days. It includes camping, […]

The Very Best Pizza in Gatlinburg (and For a Much Bigger Area, Too!)


So, this is a part of a series about 5 of my favorite, lesser known, Gatlinburg-area things. Now, I’ve saved the best for last. Seriously, you DO NOT WANT TO MISS this spot!!! I mean, yum! So, wait until you’re really hungry. Maybe you’ve spent the whole day hiking and have worked up an enormous […]