Ogle Dogs — a Cheap (and Wonderful) Lunch in Gatlinburg

So, this is a part of a series about 5 of my favorite, lesser known, Gatlinburg-area things. So here’s number 2 — and you really, really need to try them! Ogle Dogs! A Gatlinburg favorite!

My husband’s parents are the ones who started our obsession with Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains. They came on their honeymoon and continued bringing the family for years afterward. I’m not sure if it was on that first visit that they discovered Ogle Dogs or much later, but by the time I entered the family in 1999, no trip to Gatlinburg was complete without an Ogle Dog. My husband’s 13-year-old cousin insisted on having one this year, even though we were all stuffed from pizza. But we stopped anyway. It’s like a right of passage in this family!

So, what is an Ogle Dog? I’m so glad you asked! Here are the particulars:

Ogle Dogs:

  • A really, really large corn dog (a whole foot!)
  • Made from 100% beef (So it tastes like those hot dogs you find every once in a while that are oh-so-good. No? Just me?)
  • That’s really all it is. But we really love it.

Man, are they good. The kids and Jason and I usually to get two Ogle Dogs to share (though I suspect that our kids could each put one away on their own), along with packets of ketchup and mustard. You put a little pile of each on your Ogle Dog paper and dip away! (My husband likes his with just mustard, though I like the variety.) Delicious! The dogs only cost $5 each — it’s hard to beat $10 for a lunch for four, especially in Gatlinburg! Of course, we always follow it up with some candy from The Chocolate Monkey.

So, I’ve been going on and on about Ogle Dogs, and you’re probably wondering — where do I get one?

Where to get an Ogle Dog (for a cheap and wonderful lunch)

Ogle Dogs are found at Fannie Farkle’s, right along the main strip in Gatlinburg. It’s about halfway down the strip. That means it’s the perfect stop when you’re shopping and getting a bit hungry. To be fair, Fannie Farkle’s has other food and a whole arcade, but we’ve never done anything there except grab an Ogle Dog.

As soon as you walk in Fannie’s, look for the counter just to the right. They won’t be hard to find as you get close, though. Everyone will have one! Just follow the crowd. Be prepared to wait in line for a few minutes.

What’s your favorite Gatlinburg on-the-run food? Do you like Ogle Dogs?

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