Puffy feet, a crabby 2-year-old and the walk that never ended

It was so hot and I was 6 months pregnant. We were staying at a cabin in Gatlinburg over the Fourth of July (we’ll get to it in another post, but the 4th is REALLY fun in Gatlinburg. See the light parade picture!). Though the festivities were great, traffic was horrendous. My (wonderful) father-in-law decided […]

MagiQuest — fun for kids (of all ages)!

If you have kids that are at least five years old, there is one attraction in the Smoky Mountain area that you shouldn’t miss — MagiQuest. It’s one of the most unique experiences we’ve ever had! Perfect for a rainy day, MagiQuest has 15 U.S. locations. It calls itself a “live action game,” which means […]

5 Things to Look for in a Cabin

So, you’ve decided to stay in a cabin while visiting the Smoky Mountains. I applaud your choice — I think you’ll love the experience. But looking for a cabin to rent can be overwhelming. Here are five things to consider when choosing the perfect cabin: 1. Location. If you aren’t familiar with the area, there […]

Best Kids Meal in the Smoky Mountain Area!

We were in Gatlinburg several years ago with my husband’s family over the 4th of July. My father-in-law had very generously offered to take us all out to The Peddler for steak. (If you haven’t been there, well, you should go. I mean, yum. But that’s another post.) It’s a delicious locally-owned place, sophisticated enough […]

3 New Restaurants Coming to the Pigeon Forge Area

As if there wasn’t already enough competing for your attention, Pigeon Forge will soon be getting three new restaurants. First, The Christmas Place is expanding to a include a new restaurant, The Partridge and Pear, set to open some time this summer. If you haven’t ever stopped at The Christmas Place, it’s a lot of […]

3 Fun Activities for Groups in a Cabin

So, you’ve rented a cabin, divvied up the bedrooms and are suddenly faced with a whole week in which to entertain yourselves. Television can only go so far. This post will explore three ideas for fun things to do when boredom strikes, and no one feels like taking a hike or visiting attractions. 1. Four […]

Your GPS is Wrong!

One of my favorite Gatlinburg stories is funny now, but didn’t seem like it at the time. It all started last October when my husband (Chris) and I went down to Gatlinburg with my sister and brother-in-law (Kendra and Jason).  We left on a Friday after work and hit a bit of traffic, so it […]

Finding Bread and Milk in Gatlinburg

Just a quick thought today, but this one little piece of information would have been invaluable to me one time in Gatlinburg! Groceries are hard to come by when you are actually IN Gatlinburg. So it’s good to know that you can get bread and milk at the Walgreen at Stoplight #8 right downtown Gatlinburg. […]

Hikers Beware! 4 Things to Watch out for in the Smoky Mountains

So, today, for the not-so-pleasant side of the park. Here are the dangers that lurk: 1. The northern copperhead and the timber rattlesnake both live in the Smokies and are venomous. Snakebites are rare, however, and there has never been a recorded death from snakebite in the Smokies. 2. Yellowjacket wasps live in the ground […]

Fun Gatlinburg Motel Memories

By guest blogger Blake Andrews, Carmel, IN “Probably one of my greatest memories as a kid is staying at a Gatlinburg motel called ‘Carr’s Motel.’ I don’t know if it is still there. It had an amazing pool with the best diving board where I learned to jump off and swim without fear. I don’t […]