3 New Restaurants Coming to the Pigeon Forge Area

As if there wasn’t already enough competing for your attention, Pigeon Forge will soon be getting three new restaurants.

First, The Christmas Place is expanding to a include a new restaurant, The Partridge and Pear, set to open some time this summer. If you haven’t ever stopped at The Christmas Place, it’s a lot of fun. There are several stores, along with the famed Inn at Christmas Place. The decor is phenomenal. The restaurant, according to its web site, will showcase “regional fare with gourmet flare.” Read lots more details at the fun Christmas Place blog — here it is, bookmarked to the entries about the restaurant, with lots of pictures.

The restaurant will serve lunch and dinner, individually and family style. The site says, “The menus at the restaurant will remind you of a festive Christmas gathering, and include a wide variety of regional, traditional, and specialty dishes to suit every palate. Steaks, seafood, and locally-grown produce prepared in slow-food style, a welcoming atmosphere, and detailed service will be the hallmarks of your dining experience at The Partridge & Pear at Christmas Place.”

Sounds like fun. I can’t wait to try it!

Second, a Mellow Mushroom pizza joint will be opening soon in Pigeon Forge. It will be taking the place of the Flying Horse Grill, which was located at 2485 Parkway, ironically, right next to The Inn at Christmas Place. It’s too bad that the local place closed — it housed a full-sized carousel made in Sernagalia, Italy in the Venetian style. Huge windows in the front let everyone see this wonder. Last time I was in Gatlinburg, however, it was being disassembled. Anyway, the Mellow Mushroom is moving in. It boasts gourmet pizza, but is part of a small chain (only in 16 states). You can always use another pizza place.

Finally, a Five Guys chain is going in, as well, at 2525 Parkway. Though I couldn’t find an exact date of opening, everything says spring ’10, so it must be soon. If you’ve never eaten at a Five Guys restaurant and like burgers and fries, you should definitely give it a try. Though you’ll feel like you’re going to die afterward, the burgers are worth dying for (you won’t believe it, but the little cheeseburger is probably plenty) and the fries are just as good (you can get them in the traditional Five Guys Style or my favorite, cajun!). Yum. Don’t go to this restaurant looking for health food, though. Literally all this restaurant serves is burgers, hot dogs, fries and drinks. They’ve picked a small menu, but they do it well! Check out the Five Guys website here.

Anyone hungry?

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