Best Kids Meal in the Smoky Mountain Area!

We were in Gatlinburg several years ago with my husband’s family over the 4th of July. My father-in-law had very generously offered to take us all out to The Peddler for steak. (If you haven’t been there, well, you should go. I mean, yum. But that’s another post.) It’s a delicious locally-owned place, sophisticated enough for a special occasion. But man, do they have great steaks!

Well, this was our first time to go to the restaurant. My husband and I had only one child at the time and she was 2 years old (still tiny and sweet — see photo!). We figured she’d nibble at our food, not needing a meal of her own.

We were surprised to find, however, that the kids’ meal price is figured by age — $1 times the child’s age. So, $2 for my daughter, Kinsen. My father-in-law encouraged us to go ahead and order a meal. Why not?

My husband scanned the options and quickly noted that prime rib was a choice (I looked today, and they now have only normal steak.). He latched onto this, thinking she wouldn’t eat it, but he could sample two kinds of steak. Of course, we had ordered normal steaks, the more “cost effective” kind. The kids’ meal also came with sides and an enormous salad bar, so he figured she would have plenty to eat.

When Kinsen’s meal came, she looked at it with big eyes. It was huge! If it was smaller than the adult portions, it wasn’t by much. Thinking I could expand her horizons, I cut a bit of her steak up into tiny pieces. Then I got involved in conversation and in enjoying my steak. I looked back a few minutes later to see that Kinsen’s plate was empty! She had snarfed down ALL of the prime rib, even figuring out how to cut it when needed. And she was eyeing MY steak, too!

Let’s just say that my husband didn’t get the two steaks he was hoping for (his heart probably thanks us…). And we still enjoy the story of a tiny little girl eating an adult portion of prime rib!

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