MagiQuest — fun for kids (of all ages)!

If you have kids that are at least five years old, there is one attraction in the Smoky Mountain area that you shouldn’t miss — MagiQuest. It’s one of the most unique experiences we’ve ever had!

Perfect for a rainy day, MagiQuest has 15 U.S. locations. It calls itself a “live action game,” which means that you interact with a magical, physical world rather than just watch it on a screen.

When you go to MagiQuest,  you choose a wand, register it to you and then go for some training (kids learn how to point their wand at certain objects that then do something). After that, you are set loose on an imaginative world where you have to complete certain quests to gain powers. You go to a central location and use your wand to tell it who you are. Then you are given your next quest, which you complete by visiting 3 different worlds (a village, a forest and a scary dragon area) and solving complicated puzzles.

Kids that are under 10 probably need adult help, but that makes it fun! Our large group spit into 4 teams with the kids as the leaders and raced each other in completing quests.

During their adventures, the kids do things like pointing their wands at treasure chests to see what’s inside, sneaking by a realistically scary sleeping dragon, finding special spots to open doors into hidden kingdoms and defeating video screen, interactive trolls.

I’ve never seen anything like this — it was so much fun! The kids were completely entranced by the whole experience, but it was fun enough for us that we considered going back to beat the game on a recent trip without the kids (we didn’t — we weren’t sure they’d forgive us…).  The kids get to keep the wands, and when they go back the next time, the wands will remember them and the kids can pick up where they left off. Neat, huh?

If you’ve been to a MagiQuest before, it still may be worth stopping. Different locations boast different amounts of theming, etc., and the Pigeon Forge location is one of the more elaborate ones, also being the only one with hidden areas. From the outside, you can tell you’re in for an experience. The giant 4-story castle right along the main strip in Pigeon Forge makes it hard to miss.

Once inside, you can either do just the MagiQuest, or opt for that plus the other attractions, which include black-light pirate mini-golf, a great mirror maze and a laser challenge. We opted for all four and really enjoyed them! We found that we had to come back on a different day to finish everything, though. MagiQuest alone took a few hours. But if you have plenty of time, doing all four is really fun, and you can do things in whatever order you choose and come back to complete things whenever you want.

The photos here show the black-light pirate mini golf and the actual MagiQuest experience. The mood lighting in the kingdoms made for bad photos, so we don’t have great ones, but at least it should give you an idea.

Now for the bad news. I’m sure you’ve guessed that this isn’t cheap — nothing in the area is! This is one of the attractions that I’d give my seal of approval to, though! It’s worth it! For the actual wand bearers, the cost for all four attractions is $29.99. To just do the MagiQuest, it’s $24.99, so the extra five bucks for three more attractions seemed really worth it to us. For helping adults who also want to do the other things, the cost is $16.99.

There are coupons here that you can print, though, to help with the cost. For other information such as specific directions and a detailed description of the story that goes with the game, visit the main site here. Check it out — it’s Disney-esque fun in a Smoky Mountains package. The kids will love it, and you’ll have some fun in there, too.

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