Bed and Breakfasts in the Smokies

We’ve stayed in hotels, condos and cabins in the Smokies. The one thing we’ve never tried is a Bed and Breakfast. I don’t know why not. Maybe it seems like something that’s not kid-friendly? Anyway, I was curious about the availability of Bed and Breakfasts in the area. Wow, did I find some amazing ones! I whittled down my favorites to my top three. Here they are:

  • Gracehill Bed and Breakfast. Townsend, TN.

    Reasons I Love it: Wow, this place is downright amazing. If you’re thinking about a nice (read: expensive) romantic weekend or an elaborate (read: expensive) Christmas gift for your parents, you may have to look no further. You’ll pay for it, but this place is worth it. From amazing views (Gracehill is located way, way up high on a mountain — it’s the highest home in Bount County) to beautiful, unique decor, to special amenities (think a small table overlooking a waterfall, hot tubs in rooms, picnic lunches made upon request), it seems like a dream vacation spot.

    I also was captured by the innkeeper’s personality. She picked the land, bought the land, designed the house, decorated the house, all by herself. And she’s so far up, they had to add their own road to get there. You really need to take a minute to read the whole story and view more of the beautiful photos of the place. Really. Like, right now.

    The Downsides: I was right about the kids. Over 10 years only. But it’s really not the kind of spot they’d enjoy enough to bring along, anyway. Give them a hotel room with a pool and they’d be just as happy.

    The Price Tag: Rooms range from $250 a night to $300 a night, and that’s only if you book two nights. One night will cost you more, as will October leaf season.

  • Buckhorn Inn. Gatlinburg, TN. Reasons I Love it: This spot is located less than a mile from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, so it’s perfect for those planning to spend time hiking. It sits on 25 acres of forests, meadows and ponds with breath-taking views of Mt. LeConte. And it, too, looks absolutely beautiful. I like the variety available here. There are two cost categories of rooms, along with cottages and three guesthouses. The food looks amazingly gourmet. Breakfast is included and dinner can be purchased, and not only by those staying at the inn. Sample menus show food that might be almost too fancy for my tastes, but perfect for more gourmet tongues. Kids are welcomed only in the private cottages and guesthouses.The Down Sides: Buckhorn Inn looks amazing, but it somehow didn’t capture my imagination as much as Gracehill. Browsing the Gracehill website, you feel that the innkeeper has poured all of herself into it. The same could very well be true for the Buckhorn. But it didn’t come across as strongly on the site.

    The Price Tag: $115-$195 per night for the rooms. Cottages run $175 per night, and guesthouses range from $195-$320, but sleep up to 4. Two night minimum on weekends and holidays.

  • Blue Mountain Mist Country Inn and Cottages. Gatlinburg, TN. Why I Love it: The beautiful Victorian decor of this one is a sight to see (though not as beautiful as the others listed above). Again, it has price ranges, with guest rooms, cottages and a guesthouse. This inn sits on 60 acres in a foothill in the Smokies. It would be quicker to get to area attractions, but the views aren’t as fabulous. A full breakfast is included, along with evening desserts and refreshments. This inn looks more relaxed and laid-back. The web site only says that accommodations for kids are limited. Of the three, this one looks the most kid-friendly.The Down Sides: Well, this inn is missing the splendor of the two previous ones. The house is beautiful, so I guess it may mostly be the location for me. The other two have stunning photos of the sun rising over the mountains. I’m sure this one has nice views, too, but from a lower vantage point. Also, the decor in this one is more girly — more lace and ruffles than mountain beauty. It’s a matter of preference.

    The Price Tag: Rooms in the inn range from $110-$175. Cottages are $135-$189 per night, depending on the season. The guesthouse runs around $275 per night, but has 3 bedrooms.

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