Recipes by Sara: Lincoln Log Cabin Toast

Who knew you could make a cabin out of toast pieces? How fun!

My sister-in-law, Sara, is an amazing gourmet cook. Best known for her peanut butter bon-bons, she enjoys baking, cooking and creating creative recipes. Our recipe features have been so popular that I asked her to start writing a recipe post for me every few weeks. Watch for more — Recipes by Sara!

Lincoln Log Cabin Toast
When Kendra asked me if I would be willing to contribute some recipes now and then, I jumped at the chance! I love to cook, and love to be creative — this would be a perfect outlet! I thought I’d come up with something spectacular for my first post … so as I thought about what I would like to cook if I were in a cabin, the “spectacularity” (is that a word??) began to decrease more and more and practicality began to take its place.
That being said, I think I came up with an absolutely fantastic idea for your next trip to the Smokies (or any cabin destination, for that matter).  My kids gave it 4 thumbs up!
Imagine the sparkle in your little one’s eyes, or even the amusement and sheer enjoyment your husband or wife would experience when you present them with this little treat for breakfast!  And it’s so simple!
All you have to do is:
1)  Take 4 slices of bread and pop them in the toaster.
2)  While your “logs” are toasting, mix your sugar and cinnamon in a small container.
3)  When the bread is toasted, spread a small amount of butter on each piece, only on one side.  Then sprinkle the sugar and cinnamon mixture equally on all 4 slices.
Now here comes the fun part!
4)  Cut each slice of bread into 4 strips.  You just created your logs!
5)  Stack the slices like you would Lincoln Logs so that it looks like a cabin.
6)  Add syrup if you want to and enjoy!
Pair it with some scrambled eggs and some sausage links and you’ve got yourself one fun, festive, fairly nutritious (and yummy!) breakfast.
PS – I also thought it’d be fun to have a cabin building contest if you have older kids – I know the competition would be fierce between me and my siblings!  :)
If you enjoy building log cabins with toast, why not try making a Chocolate Log? Yum!
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