Holiday Celebrations in a Smoky Mountain Cabin

On Monday, I wrote about spending Christmas in a cabin. Today, I thought I’d look at other fun holiday celebration ideas for a Smoky Mountain cabin. Here are some thoughts:

  • Halloween. It’s such a fun holiday, one that can definitely work for vacation. Here are ideas:
    • Carve the pumpkin: Grab some pumpkins and raid your cabin’s silverware drawer. Then head outside to the picnic table for a carving festival. Here are some carving tips.
    • Trick or treat: Wear your costume to the Tanger Outlets in Sevierville for lots of candy in a safe spot.
    • Haunted: Visit the Mysterious Mansion in Gatlinburg. It’s open late — until 11 — so if you have teenagers, this is the perfect Halloween fright.
  • Thanksgiving. It’s a big family holiday, so what better time to meet family in the Smokies for a celebration of all that’s good?
    • Classic play. Let the kids tell the classic story of the pilgrims and Indians by writing and performing a short play. Bring some simple props to get the juices flowing.
    • Creative Cooking. This isn’t perfect for a cabin, but I LOVE this idea for an entire Thanksgiving dinner cooked over a campfire. Give it a try.

      Valentine's Day is the perfect time for a romantic weekend getaway.

  • Valentine’s Day. There’s NOTHING as romantic as a snug cabin tucked away in the mountains. Here are some ideas:
    • Cabin Romance: Here are some very specific ideas we came up with for cabin romance. Check them out — they include his and her massages and romance add-on packages.
    • Make Dinner: Go extravagant. It’s Valentine’s Day, after all. Check out these two fun Valentine’s Day menus.
    • Go out: We suggest The Peddler Steakhouse in Gatlinburg. Very romantic, very special, very, very good.

      Easter Egg hunt at the cabin? Yes, you can do that!

  • Easter. Easter is in spring, which is a great time to be in the Smokies. Here are some ideas for Easter in a cabin:
    • Egg Hunt: We did this last year. We chose to use the mini golf course for our rental cabin’s neighborhood. Choose a common area, around your cabin, a picnic area in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or even inside your cabin, if it’s raining.
    • Egg Coloring: It’s a really easy thing to do in a cabin. Buy a kit and a few dozen eggs and let the kids go to work. If the weather’s nice, you can even dye them outside to prevent messes.
    • Church: Choose an area church and go enjoy an Easter Sunday service.
  • July 4th. Well, yes, we did just pass it. But now is the perfect time to start planning for next summer. Don’t miss Independence Day in the Smokies.
    • Parade: Attend the nation’s first 4th of July parade, which takes place at midnight on July 4th.
    • Cookout: Most cabins come equipped with a grill. Throw on some hamburgers and hot dogs and grill up an American-style feast.
    • Dessert: Make Wave Your Flag Cheesecake from It’s very highly rated and adorable too.
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