Our Quickest, Easiest Cabin Meals Yet!

So, I’ve run several posts with ideas for meals you can easily make in a cabin (2 Quick & Easy Cabin Meals; Two Quick and Easy Cabin Meals; 3 Easy Cabin Meal Ideas), but they all still include some actual baking (read: making a mess and cleaning it up).

Well, vacation is vacation, after all. So here are my five easiest ever meal ideas for a cabin. All will take little to no effort on your part. And any 13-year-old should be able to prepare them.

  1. Welcome to Mama Mia’s Italian kitchen!
    • What you need:
    • Prep time: The lasagna will take about an hour to heat. But other than that, five minutes to cook your bread and while it’s cooking, throw the salad in a bowl. Presto! Good dinner, next to no work.
  2. Kids’ Fav
    • What you need:
      • Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Deluxe Original Cheddar (why this particular one? everything’s included in the box. no need to bring along a stick of butter and milk! fabulous.)
      • Kid’s favorite fruit — grapes, oranges, apples?
      • Oreo cookies. Everyone loves them, right? And they are always making new, fun flavors. Right now? A Triple Double Oreo, with five layers! Yum!
    • Prep time: About 15 minutes to make the pasta. Everything else? Set it out.
  3. Cabin Pizzeria
    • What you need:
    • Prep time: Very little actual work here. Send someone to get the cookies while the pizza’s in the oven!
  4. Mexican Cantina
    • What you need:
      • El Monterey Frozen Burritos (loads of flavor options here — Beef & Bean; Spicy Taco Picante; Bean & Cheese; Chicken, Rice & Beans; to name a few)
      • Tortilla chips (My personal favorites? On the Border Cantina Thins)
      • Salsa
      • Sour cream
    • Prep time: Burritos can be prepared in the microwave or oven, depending on how many you’re making. So it depends. But very little work, again.
  5. Silly Supper
    • Oh, my kids love this. Serve on a sheet on the floor, while watching a movie. What you need:
      • Popcorn Chicken (the kids like Tyson)
      • Microwave popcorn (pick your favorite brand)
      • Sliced apples
      • Movie candy — M&Ms, Junior Mints, Raisinets, etc
    • Prep time: A few minutes in the oven for the chicken, a few minutes in the microwave for the popcorn. While they are cooking, slice apples. Fun, yummy and not messy!

Enjoy! Here’s to less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying family!

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