Money-Saving Coupons for the Smoky Mountain Area

I love all inclusive vacations. I really do. Some of my favorite vacations have had all costs included.

We went to Disney and got the meal plan. Did it cost more? Maybe, but everything was paid for long before we left. I like that. I also like all-inclusive resorts and cruises, for the same reason.

Unfortunately, there’s not a Smoky Mountain meal plan. Maybe we should create one! But until we do, here are some great spots for coupons online, along with some other money-saving tips. Enjoy!

Online coupons for the Smoky Mountain area:

  • Smoky Mountain NavigatorThis is a jackpot. Though none of the coupons are large (most are $1-$2 off admission), they can add up because most can be used for all members of your party. Tons of attractions, shows, theme parks. Basically, if it’s an attraction in the area, there’s probably a coupon. One note of warning: Use them soon. These coupons expire in December of 2011.
  • — Okay, first you have to scroll through a whole bunch of hotels and cabin companies and what really amounts to advertising, rather than actual coupons. But there are some good ones hidden in there — $7 off white water rafting, $5 off show tickets.
  • Smoky Savers — A decent amount of coupons for mini golf, shows, and some attractions. Downside is that some links don’t work. Which is frustrating.
  • Inside Pigeon Forge — Offers a free coupon book delivered to your door. Sign up for a free coupon book here.
  • My Pigeon Forge — Offers coupons for cabin companies, a few restaurants, hotels, shows and more. Some are good, others not worth the time. Most expire in December of 2012. The best offering I found here is $5 off Country Tonite show.
  • Smoky Mountains Coupons — Wow, lots of offerings on this site. And so well-organized. Choose a category, such as Gatlinburg Lodging. There are 24 coupons in this category alone, with discounts such as 10% off or $10 off. I enjoyed the Dining category. Lots of good savings here!
  • All the Smokies — A few good coupons here, but many are expired. Still, a few good ones, but watch that expiration date!
  • Smoky Mountain Express — Offers coupons by category, but make sure to read the fine print. Again, we found some that were expired.

General money-saving travel tips

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