Dummy Queen: Don’t Pick on Family Members

Editor’s Note: This is the fifth in a series written by my sister-in-law Stephanie. Hope you enjoy learning from her experiences. She’ll be back occasionally to make you smile as you make it through the drudgery of the week.

Notes from a Dummy Queen

I’m a dummy.

Yeah, that’s me. I admit it.
Which is why I’m writing this to you.
I’m here to relay important information to you in an attempt to defend your reputation, in an attempt to save your face.
I figure I might as well spare you those inexcusable moments when you think: “Duh…I should have known that,” or “Ugh…why did I say that?”

I am known as a dummy; there’s really no need for you to sport that title, too. It’s not that great.

Now … the key to successful family vacations is to plan some free time in there for everyone. We always make sure to leave some time unplanned so that each family unit can go off on their own and do whatever they want. It can get stressful trying to get 8 or more adults to agree on one activity … so we split ways and do our own thing for a while. Helps everyone’s sanity. So while we were in Florence we had some “free time” to do whatever we wanted … great idea! Riiiiiight…

Lesson #5 : Don’t pick on family members

The Dummy Queen, her spouse, her sister, and the sister's spouse. The one in the red shirt is the one who almost decked the one in the plaid.

My family takes vacations together quite often. We really have a good time, and I would say we all get along enough that none of our outings have ever ended in disaster. Our favorite vacation spot: the Smokies of course. I think the record right now is that every other New Years we rent a cabin in the mountains and all squeeze in together for a rockin’ good time. And they have always been just that — Rockin good times.

But my reason for writing didn’t happen on one of these vacations to the Great Smokies (this time). Instead it was on a family vacation to Italy…

After being together for most of the day, the family fragmented for some individual time to do whatever we wanted. Perfect. Dan and I could go back to some of our favorite places – purchase the items we wanted without family rushing us to make a quick decision (my husband is a SLOW decision maker) – and walk along the river hand in hand. When we got to the romantic river part we ran into my brother and sister-in-law. Ah – forget the romance! And we joined forces.

Within moments of connecting we all spotted my sister Sara and her husband up ahead with the same romantic idea my husband and I originally had.

Now I’m not gonna claim the dummy idea that occurred. I’ll give credit where credit is due. My SISTER-IN-LAW, Kendra (senior cabinconnection blog writer) poked at my husband and said, “Why don’t you sneak up behind them and grab their bag.” We all chuckled at the idea, and then my husband sprinted ahead (he’s slow to make money related decisions … I should clarify). He crept up behind Sara and interrupted their romantic rendezvous with a quick flick of his wrist. He grabbed the bag.

And then POW! Sara shrieked and her protective husband reared back, fist in full motion headed toward Dan’s face. Dan cowered yelling, “it’s me; it’s me!”

I can’t even tell you how close that was. A bystander even had her phone pulled out ready to call police. It took all of our laughs to convince the onlookers that a robbery wasn’t occurring. And it took, like, 5 hours for Sara and Chris to calm their nerves after that. They were both a little jittery the rest of the night. It wasn’t until like three days later that we could mention the incident and all laugh about it. Until then only a few of us would laugh.

So … take it from the dummy queen (and her spouse) … life is better when everyone is laughing.

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