Travel Snack Ideas for Kids

Travel turns my normal kiddos into food-crazed monsters!

I don’t know about you. But something about vacation turns my kids into starving little monkeys. Okay, not just my kids. It actually does it to me, too. Maybe it’s because you’re just sitting there in the car without much to think about. Or maybe it’s being off your normal schedule. But something about vacation means More Food, Please!

And you can only do fast food or gas station snacks so many times before you start losing your spot in the running for parent of the year. (I know — I drop a few spots every DAY!)

So here are some tips for taking snacks on vacation, then some ideas of things to take. (Thanks to Menus4Moms for some of the ideas!)

Tips for travel snacks:

  • Pack either plenty of napkins or a roll of paper towels. Ooh, or some wet wipes. Also good to have — disposable bowls.
  • Make sure to have several grocery bags for trash. When you pull out a snack, stick all the trash inside one bag, then get rid of it at the next rest stop. Clean up as you go, and you’ll all feel better.
  • If your kids are young, you might want to consider putting a disposable tablecloth under their car seats, so spills aren’t a worry.
  • Pack non-refrigerated snacks into individual sized bags before leaving home. Keep the bags in a larger box with a lid.
  • Pack refrigerated snacks into individual portions, too, then put them in a cooler. Add some frozen water bottles to act as ice packs and cold water as they melt.

Stock your snack box with:

  • Crackers
  • Cookies
  • Bananas
  • Trail mix
  • Granola
  • Dried fruit
  • Pretzels
  • Chex mix
  • Fruit snacks

Stock your cooler with:

  • String cheese
  • Clementine oranges
  • Sliced apples in baggies
  • Grapes
  • Kid-friendly veggies, such as carrots, cherry tomatoes (okay, I know they are actually a fruit, but who thinks of them that way?) and sugar snap peas
  • Cheese cubes
  • Hard-boiled eggs
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