Another Skywheel Planned for Pigeon Forge!

Something similar to this giant wheel has been approved to be built in Pigeon Forge next spring. Twice.

Just days after developers announced that they are hoping to build a giant skywheel on the old Mandarin House property, more developers (from The Island, also in Pigeon Forge) announced plans for another one. Yep, that’s right. Next year this time, we could have TWO giant wheel rides in Pigeon Forge.

The rides would be less than one minute apart from each other.

The first proposed skywheel will be located on The Parkway, across from The Track. Developers are hoping to open this fall. Cost for tickets will be $14 for adults, $7 for kids under 48 inches tall. Kids two and under will be free, and even infants will be able to ride. The ride will last about 12 minutes, with the wheel making four revolutions.

Also available will be a VIP flight, which will include the opportunity to skip the line and ride in a special gondola that comes equipped with leather bucket seats, a television, and a champagne bucket.

The skywheel would be part of an new area with a roller coaster, log flume, and other rides. Check out the artist rendering here. Looks fun, huh?

The second set of developers have received city approval to build a skywheel by next spring, starting as soon as this summer. It would be a part of The Island, which is the area of the city with the abandoned paddle-wheel-boat-ish building. Recently, new developers bought the property. The skywheel is part of the new plans for the area, which is located off of Smoky Drive.

This skywheel would be 200-feet high, and would also feature enclosed gondolas — 42, to be specific. The gondolas would be air conditioned.

Both skywheels look like fun to us! We’ll have to try both once they’re open to let you know which one’s the best! :) (Sometimes, I do love my job!)

For more information about the proposed Skywheels, visit and 360 Smokies.

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