Plan Now to Attend the Old Mill Heritage Day in Pigeon Forge

Kids will love hands-on demonstrations of old time crafts.

Are you planning to head to the Smokies this fall? Why not plan your trip to coincide with the Old Mill Heritage Day? This year marks the 9th annual Heritage Day. So what is it? Well, it’s a festival, Smoky-Mountain style! There will be food, music, fun, games, craft demonstrations, and storytelling. The idea is […]

A Bad Night to Be a Beutler

Do you ever have days like this?

We had the worst night on Wednesday. My husband, Jason, has been working like a madman. And the kids have been home every day for almost ALL summer. I intentionally tried to schedule less this summer, to make sure my kids had lots of lazy summer days. But right now, those lazy summer days are […]

Book a Fishing Trip in the Smoky Mountains


Okay, I’m the first to admit that I’m not much of a fisher. I fish in a pond with the kids sometimes. And that’s about the extent of my fishing background. So when I ran across the Rocky Top Outfitters promoting fishing trips, my curiosity was piqued. Here is something that is very “Smoky Mountain-ish” […]

Gatlinburg Planning a Youth Sports Complex

According to The Mountain Press, Gatlinburg city officials are moving forward with tentative plans to locate a youth soccer, volleyball, and basketball sports complex within the city. Sevier county commissioners and the board of education gave the idea positive feedback after a meeting last Tuesday evening. The proposed site plan shows that the $25 million […]

5 Unique Sandwich Recipes


Let’s face it — vacation can get really expensive. Which is a lot like saying that summer can get really hot. One way to combat the cost is to either pack sandwiches to eat throughout the day or make sandwiches in your cabin for a quick, easy meal. Well, I don’t know about you, but […]

3 Smoky Mountain Blogs That You’ll Love!


Okay, so I’m REALLY glad that you read my blog. And I’m certainly not trying to send you away. But there are some other really good blogs about the area that I think you’ll enjoy. Here they are: High on LeConte Well, I love to read up on this one. It’s written by the current […]

15 August Ranger-Led Activities in the Smokies

Rock hopping is hands-down our favorite Smoky Mountain activity. But it can be dangerous!

When we’re in the Smoky Mountains, we love to just chose a hike and start out on it. But if you’re in the mood for something a bit more organized, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park rangers are always ready to help. There are often scheduled activities happening around the park — and most of […]

3 Ways to ‘Treasure Hunt’ in the Smoky Mountains


X marks the spot. I love a good hike. So does my husband. We like seeing where the path will take us. We like listening to the birds and watching for wildlife. We just like it. And so do our kids. Most of the time. But occasionally, they might get just a little itty-bitty bit […]

10 Great Buys for Black Bear Lovers!

Isn't it fabulous? What little girl DOESN'T need one of these to wear in the Smokies?

Like any true Smoky Mountain enthusiast, I LOVE black bears! I love to watch for them. I love to write about them. I’ve really loved the few times I’ve actually seen them! The black bear is such an icon for the Great Smoky Mountains. Anyway, anyone who has stayed in a Smoky Mountain cabin has […]

2 New Pigeon Forge Contests (Plus a Lame One)

Photo by Stock.xchng user Mattox.

Well, I do love a good contest. And it’s always great to get something for free! Here are two Pigeon Forge contests that you can enter right now. Picture Yourself in Pigeon Forge This is a fun contest — all you have to do is share your favorite photos of Pigeon Forge. The best ones […]