Ghost Stories from the Smoky Mountain Area

Are you ready for these spooky ghost stories???

When I was younger, I loved nothing more than a good ghost story. It’s kind-of fun to be scared and chilled and not worry that there’s any truth to the story.

Except with these.

Yes, they all claim to be true. So, read at your own risk. And your own dose of skepticism. Be brave, friend, be brave.

Oliver’s Restaurant. Gatlinburg.

According to Appalachian Ghostwalks: It was built in the 1800s, and before it was a restaurant, it was the Sumner County Jail. If you’re in the restaurant late at night, upstairs you can hear voices, knocking on walls, and slamming doors. Also, you can hear someone walking on the stairs. If you’re downstairs, you can hear the toilets flush and the water faucet will turn off and on.

Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort. Gatlinburg.

Lots and lots of ghost stories about this spot. Here’s one, again from Appalachian Ghostwalks: First, in room 471, in the summer of 1999, a businessman from out of town staying in this room. He was walking around the pool (next to this room) for most of the evening and into the night hours. When the pool closed, a maintenance man told him that he would have to leave. This is the last anyone would see of this gentleman because, the next day when he was supposed to check out and did not, a maid went to the room to check things out. Upon walking into the room, she found the man had committed suicide with a 357. He had also left a $3.57 tip on the table. Many have claimed to see a shadow walking around the pool at night in the windows of the rooms around the pool. Next, in the early 1980s, a boy scout group had rented the entire 7th floor of the building. This is hard to accurately describe, since no one who was working there at the time cares to elaborate on any details from this event, but all that was gathered is that the boy scout leader had apparently gone crazy and killed some of the scouts before being caught. When the building was closed for the winter one year (Gatlinburg is a tourist town which is really only full for the summer and autumn months), an employee was making rounds through the building and stopped on the 7th floor and heard running and screams. He ran to check for intruders only to find nothing. No rooms were rented in the tower that evening.

Mysterious Mansion. Gatlinburg.

According to VenereTravel blog, this haunted house sits on the site of an actual tragedy: A young 7-year old girl fell to her death from the balcony of a hotel adjacent to the original structure and drowned in a nearby creek.  Supposedly, many of the locals have seen her ghost crying by the creek where she drowned and is pointing up to the site where she fell to her death.  This is reported to happen every year two weeks prior to the anniversary of her death.  Supposedly, she has been heard crying out for her mother.

Titanic Pigeon Forge. Pigeon Forge.

Crewmembers in Pigeon Forge are just beginning to notice paranormal happenings.  But keep this in mind, on the night of April 14th, 1912, going into the early morning of April 15th, 1500 people lost their lives, they were not prepared to part this world, they struggled to survive, but alas they were tragically taken.  Experts believe when a soul is taken from life in a violent, unexpected fashion, some of the life force energy will remain, in the place where they were taken, or sometimes the life force will attach itself to an object… an artifact.

Bluff Mountain Old Hotel Site. Sevierville.

According to Paranormal Spectrum: Apparitions and voices have been reported at this site of an old hotel popular in the 1920s. It is now gone. An old cemetery dates back to the 1790s when the Bluff’s were used as a lookout point for the Continental Army to watch for the Indians. Many were slaughtered in their sleep, and it is said that their spirits still remain.



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