Plan Now to Attend Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival in Sevierville

Lonesome River Band will be playing at the Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival in Sevierville.

I’ll tell you what. If there’s one kind of festival you can find in the Smoky Mountain area, it’s a bluegrass one. Yes-sirree, these mountain folk like their bluegrass music.

I like it, too. It just feels right to listen to bluegrass when you’re in the mountains. If you like it, too, there’s another chance coming up.

At the end of next week, Thursday-Saturday, Sept. 13-15 is Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival in Sevierville.

The event is held at Dumplin Valley Farm RV Park, which has RV and regular campsites. Prices vary by day, but it costs $85 for the whole weekend. Kids age 12 and under are free. For more prices, check here.

The festival even has a blog, which can help keep you up-to-date on the event. (Among other things. Like this blog, that one seems to wander in its coverage at times…)

The folksy Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival features things like a potluck dinner. Oh, and bluegrass. Did I mention bluegrass? Yes, there are 4-5 bands scheduled every day — bands like The Little Roy & Lizzy Show, Jimbo Whaley & Greenbrier, Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice, and the Lonesome River Band.

Are you in?

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