Watch a Movie While in Pigeon Forge

The Forge Cinema in Pigeon Forge, TN.

So, you’ve been out all day hiking. You’re tired. You’re ready to just plain relax. Feel like a movie?

There are several ways to accomplish this. Here are two:

  • Go to a movie theater — hurray! There is one in Pigeon Forge!
  • Rent one from Redbox — this only works if you have a DVD player in your hotel/cabin. A plus for cabins — most of them have one.

Go to the Forge Cinemas in Pigeon Forge

The Forge Cinemas is actually pretty new — up until last year, you couldn’t go to a movie in Pigeon Forge. Now, the Forge Cinemas is available at Stoplight 2B right on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge (Picture — behind Firehouse Golf).

Prices are steep — as is everything in Pigeon Forge! — but there’s a deal!!! The Forge Cinemas has Bargain Tuesdays. That’s $6 admission all day, all showtimes (with a few major exceptions — 3D, holidays, the usual). Otherwise, a Friday night movie for my family would set us back $32 ($9 for adults, $7 for the kids), and that’s without the $3 (per ticket) 3D upgrade.

Showtimes are available online at the Showtimes page. Remember, this is a smaller theater, so the choices will definitely not be overwhelming. Right now, there are choices for Alex Cross, Paranormal Activity 4, Argo, and Here Comes the Boom. You can also get showtimes by calling 865-774-6602.

Since the theater is new, it’s pretty nice. All seating is stadium-style, with high-back rocking seats. And all the sound stuff is digital. You know. Like I know so much about that stuff.

Hurray for the Forge Cinemas at Walden’s Landing!

(By the way. This a dumb rant. But I hate the Forge Cinemas’ logo. Inside the O of Forge is a iron forge. So creative. Plus, there is a shadow for the O that looks like a misshapen film reel. Really weird effect, when combined. To see if you agree with the dumbness of this logo, check it out here.)

Rent a movie on Redbox

I do so love Redbox. What a great idea.

In case you are one of the remaining 64 people in the US who haven’t heard of Redbox, it’s a truly great invention. Go to a location that has a Redbox (usually grocery stores, Walmart, but occasionally other locations, too). It is a free-standing kiosk, much like those change-counter machine-things. It is red. It is hard to miss.

Search through available options for a movie you would like to see. It gets vended to you. It only costs $1.20 (used to be only a dollar, but all good things cost more as they get popular). Blu-ray discs are $1.50. The other great thing? You can return these bad boys to any Redbox, anywhere, so if you don’t feel like battling Pigeon Forge traffic to take it back to CVS, you can just return it when you get home. Wonderful, huh?

Believe it or not, there are FIFTY (!) Redbox locations in Pigeon Forge! So there’s gotta be one near where you’re staying. I take that back. If you’re way, way up in the mountains, there might not be. But otherwise, yes. Here are all the Pigeon Forge locations.

Of course, there is way more to it than that. You can also reserve ahead on your phone. And lots of other cool stuff. But that’s the basics. And it will get you started.


So go ahead, relax and watch a movie! But don’t watch Snow White and the Huntsman. My husband and I Redboxed that one last night, on our Fall Break getaway. Not good! Not good at all! (Except for Charlize Theron as the evil queen — she was amazing. Made my skin crawl.)

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