5 Thanksgiving Desserts to Make with the Kids

I have to admit it — I LOVE to make fun desserts. So I scoured the web for some fun new ones. I’ll have to pick one to try this year…

Sweet Tom Turkeys

Make some basic cupcakes, and decorate them to resemble Tom! Candy corn plumes and shortbread wings make this little guy irresistible! This is basically a make-cupcakes-then-decorate-them-neatly recipe, so it’s perfect for the kids. Make the cupcakes in advance, then let the little ones help with the decorating. Thanks to Spoonful for the recipe — get it here.

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

I had to put this recipe in here, because a friend of mine made something similar last year and they were AMAZING! I’m definitely going to give these a try and see if they are as good. Yum! Whoopie pies are making a big comeback — take one taste and you’ll know why! These yummy cookies have a cream-cheese filling, so they need to be refrigerated. Thanks to Thin Crust, Deep Dish blog for the recipe — find it here. And PS — if you’re a blog reader, this is a fun one. I just added it to my bookmarks!

Caramel Apple Trifles

Okay, this recipe isn’t cute and Thanksgiving-y-looking, but wow! Does it ever look amazing! Yum. What’s not to love about a light caramel mousse layered with a burnt caramel sauce, a crisp apple crumble, and chopped raw apples? My mouth is watering just reading about it… and here I am, all ready for bed, but now my stomach will NOT be put off. MUST-HAVE-CARAMEL-APPLE-TRIFLE! (Poor stomach — not gonna happen.) Thanks to Bakers Royale blog for this fabulous-looking recipe! (Here it is.)

Acorn Cookies

Okay, back to the cute. These are pretty darn adorable and oh, so easy for little ones to make! Basically, they consist of a Hershey’s Kiss, a mini Nilla wafer, and a butterscotch chip, glued together with (their suggestion) sunflower butter or (my suggestion) frosting. Cute, easy, and festive! Thanks to PoppyTalk blog for the idea — here it is!

Apple Pie Cookies

These are a food little ones will love to EAT, but they probably aren’t as easy for the littlest ones to help MAKE. They are adorable little individual apple pies! How fun, huh? The author adds that this is a cookie for crust lovers, since there isn’t a lot of filling in each little cute pie. But I love the idea. Tiny, cute, and DELICIOUS! Yay! Thanks to the great people over at the Smitten Kitchen blog for the great idea — here are all the details.

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