Time for Change

Don’t you love a new year, a fresh start? Okay, so it’s not exactly the new year. I’m a bit behind. But it’s still (barely) January, so I’m gonna count it! :)

Every year, we try to rethink and refigure CabinConnection to make it better than the year before. Here’s what you may notice that will be different this year:

  • Frequency of posting. In the past, we’ve always posted on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, very consistently. This year, I’ll be posting news tidbits (bits of news about what’s happening in the Smoky Mountains) more frequently and as they happen. You’ll find these on the lower right column of our homepage. We used to publish them, but stopped for awhile. So, tidbits are back. In addition, I’ll be posting something Smoky Mountain related every Tuesday and something more personal every Thursday.
  • Organization. Okay, you have to give me some time on this. We’re planning a massive re-organization of our blog. So, in the time I’ll save posting one less big blog post per week, I’ll be working on making the site easier to use and navigate. Hopefully, you’ll notice small changes over time.
  • Lots of guest bloggers! This week, my husband and I start team teaching our first ever class: Writing for Digital Media. I’ll be using this blog to practice a lot of what I’m teaching. In addition, my students will be posting blogs about travel. In the next few months, you’ll get to see 18 guest student bloggers. It will be fun to see what they write about. Keep an eye out!

Hurray for 2013! I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be a great year!

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