20 Ideas for Travel Bliss

TravelTipsMy husband and I are teaching a blogging and social-media class this semester. It’s been great fun to dig into the mystery surrounding the Internet and Google search results and keyword research. And guess what? The students and I even learned some HTML last night!

It’s been the most fun class I’ve ever taught, hands down, because it’s so practical — so REAL.

Anyway, the students’ big assignment for the semester is to write a travel blog post. We’re posting them all here, and then they get graded (YES, GRADED!) partly on how well their post does in Google search results and page views.

So if you’ve ever been a college student fighting for a good grade (or if you need some pretty darn good travel advice), check out the posts below. Leave comments. Share on Facebook. Tell your friends. And help a student.

Thanks for your help!

Ideas for frugal travel fun

Airplane traveling tips

Tips for making the car ride fly

  • Things to do on a Long Car Ride — This post is broken into three parts: road trip with friends, car ride with kids, and car ride by yourself. It also has a pretty great list of car conversation starters.
  • The Perfect Road Trip Playlist — I do love a great playlist! Here’s how to make one that’s perfect for your trip, whether you are traveling with friends, your family, or with that special someone.
  • Activities to do on a Long Car Ride — Long car rides can be bliss or a nightmare. Here are 7 ways to pass the time along the road.
  • 10 Easy Car Games — Some of these are what you’d expect, but there are some things you won’t expect on here, too, like the game Sweet and Sour or the Story Game.

Photography help

Other great travel advice

The students are in a competition for the most page views! Will you help them?

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