A New Look for CabinConnection!

Let’s face it … it was time. CabinConnection was pretty desperate for an update.

So we did it! We’re pretty excited about the results! (By the way, if you were trying to access our blog last night, we apologize. It did NOT look great during the transformation!)

Why did we update? So glad you asked! Here’s why:

  • Mobile friendly. We noticed that much of our traffic is from mobile devices. And our previous blog theme didn’t cooperate well. Our new one should display just fine on your smart phones or other mobile devices.
  • Clutter-free. Did you know that there are fashions for blogs? Ours was just plain out-of-date. The style a few years ago was INFORMATION! The more, the better. Today’s blog readers are more sophisticated. They naturally know how to navigate around a blog. They don’t need 300 ways to find the same information. You’ll notice that this new blog look is streamlined and less cluttered.
  • Spring colors. We felt like we needed updated colors, and a spring green fit the bill. I love the fresh look the green gives!

Welcome to the new CabinConnection.com! All of your favorite old posts are here  — we’re slowly going through those, too, to make them the best they can be. We sure hope you’ll take a minute to look around!

So, what do you think?

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