CLIMBWorks Opens New Biking Trails that are FREE for Now

CLIMBWorks, which is a ziplining shop in Gatlinburg, has just opened a new mountain biking trail that look FABULOUS! (And that’s from a non-mountain-biker, by the way…) The trail is for beginners, but can be used by more advanced bikers, too.

Here’s the CLIMBWorks website, but they haven’t updated it since the opening of the trail. If you want more info on the trail, check out the CLIMBWorks Facebook page, which has plenty of info and also a great video introducing the trails.

The great part? The trail is FREE to use right now until May 18! After that, it will cost. Of course, you have to bring your own bike to get the free price. Rentals are available for $45.

We’re heading to the Smokies this weekend, and this is on our list! We’ll let you know what we think!

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