City of Gatlinburg Facing Wrongful Death Suit

The city of Gatlinburg is facing a half-million dollar wrongful death complaint from the family of a Michigan woman who died last year, after the trolley she was riding rolled of Buckhorn Road, according to The Mountain Press.

Eunice Spencer was a 66-year-old school teacher. Here’s what happened, according The Mountain Press article:

Eunice Spencer was riding to the Glades arts and crafts community with a friend last Labor Day when the trolley driver reportedly tried to pull to the side of the road to avoid an oncoming car and the ground under the trolley collapsed and it rolled off the road.

Spencer and the other passenger were thrown from their seats. She suffered broken ribs and other injuries in the accident, and had to be helped from the vehicle by emergency responders. They transported her to The University of Tennessee Medical Center, where she died 11 days after the accident.

For more information, read the entire Mountain Press article here.

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