Bear Uses Crosswalk in Gatlinburg

This is one of those great stories. I love it.

So, according to The International Business Times, a black bear decided to prowl the streets of downtown Gatlinburg last weekend. Which is enough of a shock for tourists in itself.

But the really fun part of the story is what the bear did in Gatlinburg. First, he tried to enter the Gatlinburg Convention Center. Then he weaved in and out of traffic on Main Street. Then he decided to use the pedestrian crosswalk to cross the street the rest of the way. After crossing the street, the bear retreated into an alley.

Officials say the bear was likely not more than a year old. And they remind the public — it’s never safe to approach a bear. If you see one in a public area, stay away and keep your distance.

A passerby was able to get a cell phone video of the little lost bear — check it out here.

For more information, read the entire contents of Jill Heller’s IBT article.

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