Make Beef Stew in a Pumpkin — Oh Yes!


This is one of my absolute favorite things to do in the fall — because it’s September, so in my mind, fall stuff is free game! (In fact, check back next week for all kinds of fall events, Halloween activities, etc.) But for today, consider making beef stew in a pumpkin. I’ve done this a […]

Roast in a Slow Cooker? Yes, Please


I haven’t posted a recipe for awhile. And I’m in a cookin’ mood! Here are two recipes I love. Here’s why: You make the roast in a slow cooker. It’s SO easy. Dinner is ready whenever you are. Then, you take the leftover roast and add a few additional ingredients to make a whole new […]

5 Thanksgiving Desserts to Make with the Kids


I have to admit it — I LOVE to make fun desserts. So I scoured the web for some fun new ones. I’ll have to pick one to try this year… Sweet Tom Turkeys Make some basic cupcakes, and decorate them to resemble Tom! Candy corn plumes and shortbread wings make this little guy irresistible! […]

5 Kid-Friendly Halloween Recipes


I love holidays! What’s better than making Halloween traditions for your kids? Here are five easy-pleasy recipes for you to make with your kids in celebration of the upcoming holiday: Ghastly Ghost Grins Recipe from: Kraft Foods Yield: 8 servings Ingredients: 1 pkg. (8 oz.) cream cheese, softened 1/2 cup packed brown sugar 1/2 tsp. […]

5 Unique Sandwich Recipes


Let’s face it — vacation can get really expensive. Which is a lot like saying that summer can get really hot. One way to combat the cost is to either pack sandwiches to eat throughout the day or make sandwiches in your cabin for a quick, easy meal. Well, I don’t know about you, but […]

3 Fun Campfire Treats

Roasting marshmellows is old school. Here are some fun, new ideas for tasty campfire treats.

Another thing spring is time for: CAMPING! You know, I love the IDEA of camping. Sitting around a fire, making fun treats, talking for hours on end. I hate the ACTUALITY of it — trying to sleep with a rock under your back (I always, always get the spot with the rock!), waking up super […]

2 Easy Crock-Pot Meals for the Cabin

Yum. There's nothing like leaving the cabin in the morning, then coming back to a yummy crock-pot-cookin' smell!

Yum. I sure do love my crock pot. Here’s a perfect day. You wake up lazily in a log cabin. Throw a few ingredients in the crock pot, then head out for a day of hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains. Grab a quick lunch somewhere, then play in a stream for an hour or […]

2 Kinds of Soup to Make for the Cabin!

Yum! Meatball stew, anyone?

I don’t know about you, but I love a good bowl of soup. Spring is definitely in the air, but we still have a few weeks of good soup weather left! Let’s make the most of it! Here are two yummy soups that we enjoy! These are both made in the crock pot, so you […]

Travel Snack Ideas for Kids


I don’t know about you. But something about vacation turns my kids into starving little monkeys. Okay, not just my kids. It actually does it to me, too. Maybe it’s because you’re just sitting there in the car without much to think about. Or maybe it’s being off your normal schedule. But something about vacation […]

Mexican Fiesta in the Cabin!

Jayna's Wet Burrito. Oh, it is so good!

Theme dinners are always fun and festive. What better time to enjoy one than on a cabin getaway? Here are two fun ideas for a Mexican fiesta in the cabin. The first, Creamy Chicken Enchiladas, is great to make ahead and freeze, then just bake at the cabin. The second is more involved, but oh […]