Turn Your Cabin into a Little Italy

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make quick meals when you’re in the cabin. We’ve posted lots of those. But what if you want to take the time to cook … really cook something? Well, here’s my family’s ALL-TIME favorite pasta — we call it Italian Bow Tie Pasta. It’s amazing. And it can totally […]

Our Quickest, Easiest Cabin Meals Yet!

So, I’ve run several posts with ideas for meals you can easily make in a cabin (2 Quick & Easy Cabin Meals; Two Quick and Easy Cabin Meals; 3 Easy Cabin Meal Ideas), but they all still include some actual baking (read: making a mess and cleaning it up). Well, vacation is vacation, after all. […]

Recipes by Sara: Chocolate Chip Cookies

In our family, we have a bit of rivalry going on between my mom, my sister, my sister-in-law and myself.  Sometimes my aunt even joins in.  We all think that we make the very best chocolate chip cookies! Funny thing is, I think we all (except my sister-in-law) use the same recipe.  So I’m not […]

2 Quick & Easy Cabin Meals

No one wants to spend much time in the kitchen on vacation. You’re in the Smokies to hike, explore, relax and spend time with those you love. Not to cook! So when you’re headed to the mountains for a cabin getaway, you need plenty of quick meal ideas. Here are two of my favorites. I […]

Recipes with Sara: Chicken Baseballs

When we had our first child, a friend of ours brought this meal to us the first week we were home with little Grant. I simply had to have the recipe and now it has become one of my very favorite meals. And my 4 year old asks for it every. single. day. I’m not […]

Recipes with Sara: Sandwich Ring

I found this idea several years ago and sadly, I can’t even remember where it came from. But it’s one of my “go-to” meals for something different and super easy.  Best of all, you can make it super fast and it looks really impressive!