Fall Farmers Markets Promise Fresh Produce


Mmmm … I LOVE Farmers Markets! I especially love them in the fall, with the crisp morning air. Fabulous. Here are two Smoky Mountain area Farmers Markets that are still going through fall:

Smoky Mountain Highland Games Scheduled for This Weekend

The Smoky Mountain Highland Games will take place this weekend, May 17-19 at Maryville College. The annual event will include several athletic events, such as caber toss, stone put, and hammer throw; dance workshops and competitions; and bands with lots of pipes and drums. Prices vary, depending on which events you want to attend. To […]

A New Look for CabinConnection!


Let’s face it … it was time. CabinConnection was pretty desperate for an update. So we did it! We’re pretty excited about the results! (By the way, if you were trying to access our blog last night, we apologize. It did NOT look great during the transformation!) Why did we update? So glad you asked! […]

Wildfire Burns 35 Pigeon Forge Cabins; How to Stay Safe


A fire started at one Pigeon Forge cabin Sunday afternoon, then spread quickly to encompass a 135-acre area, according to CBS news. The fire has already destroyed at least 35 cabins at Black Bear Ridge Resort.

Ober Gatlinburg: What to Expect & What to Avoid

The Ober Gatlinburg Tram, which leaves from the Parkway in Gatlinburg.

Are you looking for a skiing opportunity in Tennessee? Did you know that there’s a well-known ski resort right in Gatlinburg? I’ll tell you all about that, and the other activities Ober Gatlinburg has to offer, in this post. First of all, let me explain Ober Gatlinburg to you. Basically, you can ride a tram […]

Give a Little Love Away…


I love Valentine’s Day, but not for the romantic, gooshy aspects of it. I’ve written before about how my husband and I aren’t traditionally romantic. So, no, we don’t have any plans for tonight. At least, not any that I can share. But why I really love the holiday is for the kids. This is […]

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Help!

Aggghh! Valentine’s Day is in TWO days! Are you ready? Don’t worry — if you’re a major holiday procrastinator (like my husband … wait, I didn’t say that!), here’s some last-minute life-saving help! Enjoy! Looking for the perfect dinner situation? Don’t limit yourself to restaurants. Here are other ideas for the perfect Valentine’s dinner, including […]

20 Top Romantic Movies for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for that perfect romance movie for Valentine's Day? Look no further!

Romantic dinner, flowers, dancing — these are all a part of the perfect Valentine’s Day. For some people, anyway. But how about the perfect romantic movie? Yes, that’s good! Here are 20 pretty perfectly romantic movies (listed in order from oldest to newest). How many have you seen? Why not take the others and try […]

5 Kid-Friendly Products That I Can Personally Vouch For


If only headlines had unlimited space, my headline would be this: “5 Kid-Friendly Products That I Can Personally Vouch For and Are Great For Traveling.” Sigh. Am I that wordy? (Yes…) I just had the saddest conversation with my daughter. You know, the one that just turned 10. She told me that all the girls […]

Time for Change

Don’t you love a new year, a fresh start? Okay, so it’s not exactly the new year. I’m a bit behind. But it’s still (barely) January, so I’m gonna count it! Every year, we try to rethink and refigure CabinConnection to make it better than the year before. Here’s what you may notice that will […]