3 Great Waterfall Hikes in the Smokies


With weather predicted to be sunny and almost 80 degrees on Sunday, it’s time to lace up your hiking boots! The Great Smoky Mountains are the perfect place to take kids hiking. Our kids love nothing better than setting off on a hiking adventure. If there’s a stream with rocks to hop on, all the […]

Baskins Creek Falls — Maybe Not with 6 Kids…

You know, I’ve suspected this before, but never had hard evidence to back it up. Now I know for sure. Trail ratings in the Smokies are not the same as trail ratings in Indiana. In Indiana, our kids handle 5-mile strenuous hikes like pros. There might be some complaining, but they can do it and […]

8 Tidbits of Smoky Mountain News

It can be hard to find out what’s happening in the Smokies. That’s why we weed through all the blogs and news sites for you each Tuesday and put together Tuesday Tidbits. All the news about the Smokies, all in one place. Here’s what people have been writing about the Smokies this week: Ole Smoky […]