6 Gatlinburg Shops You Shouldn’t Miss

Sauced Up -- one of my all-time favorite Gatlinburg shops!

Sevierville has the Tanger Outlets, which I love. But if I’m looking for gifts or unusual things, I love the Gatlinburg shops the best. Here are my 6 favorites: All Sauced Up. Where it is: 646 Parkway, Gatlinburg What it is: This fun shop specializes in gourmet foods and kitchen gadgets. Why I love it: […]

ABCs of What to Love About Gatlinburg

Well, it’s Sunday night, and it’s been a really fun (really tiring) weekend. My brain is working on backwards by this point, so the creativity is at the top and the fact-finding side is at the bottom. So here’s what I’m posting for a beautiful fall Monday. The ABCs of what to love about Gatlinburg […]

Results are in! Our First ‘Unofficial’ Fudge Taste Test

Walking along the Parkway in Gatlinburg, you see many things. There’s one thing you see over and over and over again. It’s fudge shops — they are everywhere, and each one claims to be the best in the Smokies! Well, we were curious. So we set up a blind taste test. We called it an […]

Gatlinburg Shop Review: Chocolate Monkey

Let’s be honest; Gatlinburg isn’t hurting for shops selling candy & confections. That’s why I wasn’t overly excited when I saw new-ish Chocolate Monkey for the first time. I was hoping for some variety. But the smell on the street took me inside and the sheer personality of the place and its workers kept me […]

10 Reasons to Choose the Smokies for Vacation

1. The Great Outdoors. The Smoky Mountains are, by themselves, reason enough to head to the Gatlinburg area. There’s nothing like getting away from it all out in nature to relieve your stress. There are 70 different hikes in the National Park, so there’s something for every age and ability level. (Here’s a link to […]