Mountain Biking at CLIMB Works: Fun for Daring Kids

Oh yes, this was really fun.

Okay, here’s a disclaimer: I’ve never been mountain biking. And I really only learned to ride a bike well in the past few years. A daredevil, I’m not. But when I saw that CLIMB Works (usually known for its ziplining) had opened a new mountain biking trail that was free only until May 18, I […]

CLIMBWorks Opens New Biking Trails that are FREE for Now

CLIMBWorks, which is a ziplining shop in Gatlinburg, has just opened a new mountain biking trail that look FABULOUS! (And that’s from a non-mountain-biker, by the way…) The trail is for beginners, but can be used by more advanced bikers, too. Here’s the CLIMBWorks website, but they haven’t updated it since the opening of the […]