Travel Channel Features Zorb Pigeon Forge

I LOVE this new video on the Travel Channel website featuring Zorb Pigeon Forge. It shows Kevin, a brave man who has no legs, riding a Zorb down the hill in Pigeon Forge. And it’s great. Seriously, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to Zorb, this video is for you. And though Kevin is […]

5 Things We Love About the Smoky Mountains

Rock hopping! We LOVE it! Wish I was rock hopping right now...

Fail. That’s me! For almost two and a half years, I’ve written the CabinConnection blog three times a week, except on holidays. Until last week. Huh. Last week, I only managed to produce ONE blog entry! I could make excuses about Mother’s Day and my birthday (yes! I turned 34 last week!) and the new […]

10 Reasons to Choose the Smokies for Vacation

1. The Great Outdoors. The Smoky Mountains are, by themselves, reason enough to head to the Gatlinburg area. There’s nothing like getting away from it all out in nature to relieve your stress. There are 70 different hikes in the National Park, so there’s something for every age and ability level. (Here’s a link to […]

Adventure-Loving Family? Here’s Your Plan.

Are you a family that loves adventure? Are your kids at least 8 years old? Then here are 6 things you shouldn’t miss while in the Smoky Mountain area: 1. Adventure Mountain. Dollywood just opened this add-on last spring, and it looks like something to make sure and hit. There are four different adventure courses […]

Tuesday Tidbits

Once again, here’s the Tuesday roundup of information for Smoky Mountain travelers: Making Applesauce — A great little article on how to make old-fashioned applesauce, with some Q and A, from The Valley Voice out of Sevierville. LeConte Lodge (in the Smokies) gets first snow of the season — 3 inches yesterday morning, as recorded […]

Vacation Budgeting 101: Entertainment

My recommendations for entertainment budgeting in the GPS (Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville) area is going to sound very simple. However, most people do not follow these simple steps to set a budget for their “fun” things to do while in the area. All you have to do is decide how much money you can […]

Zorb Pigeon Forge? What is it?


Okay, so I know you’re not going to believe me about this — that’s why I made my husband take the video. As proof! That this crazy attraction actually exists in Pigeon Forge! (And just as a disclaimer — this video was taken off my husband’s iPhone from way up on top of the hill, […]